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Recent Projects

Ramsey Library

Design and Installation of Air Conditioning & Heat Recovery Ventilation in Cambridgshire.


Warren Hill

Full M&E package for the development of three large domestic properties in Loughton, Essex.


Mandatory Air Conditioning Inspections

Required by Law from January 2011.


Servicing & Preventative Maintenance

Engineer maintaining A/C unit

We provide Servicing & Preventative Maintenance Contracts in London and throughout the UK.

Without Preventative Maintenance your Systems life span will be halved and will not meet with any Manufacturers Warranties offered.

Maintenance of expensively installed equipment is essential to prolong the life expectancy of any system and to gain the most efficient use of the system and to meet with New Green Legislations.

If Systems break down it inevitably costs more to repair than a regular Maintenance visit.

Guidelines for Call Outs & Maintenance Costs. Effective 1st July 2012 to 31st June 2013

Breakdown Call Outs: 65.00 Including 1st Hour
  75.00 In London Congestion Zone
  45.00 Per Hour Thereafter
Breakdown Call Outs: 85.00 Including 1st Hour
  95.00 In London Congestion Zone
  45.00 Per Hour Thereafter

All Replacement Parts & Refrigerant Gas would be charged as extras

1 x Unit 69.00 each   69.00 + Parking + LCG
2 x Units 64.00 each 128.00 + Parking + LCG
3 x Units 59.00 each 177.00 + Parking + LCG
4 x Units 57.00 each 228.00 + Parking + LCG
5 x Units 55.00 each 275.00 + Parking + LCG
6 x Units 53.00 each 318.00 + Parking + LCG
7 x Units 51.00 each 357.00 + Parking + LCG
8 x Units 49.00 each 392.00 + Parking + LCG
9 x Units 47.00 each 423.00 + Parking + LCG
10 x Units 45.00 each 450.00 + Parking + LCG

Any contract with more than TEN Units will have additional Units Charged at 25.00 each

NOTE: All above costs are subject to VAT at national current rate

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