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Ramsey Library

Design and Installation of Air Conditioning & Heat Recovery Ventilation in Cambridgshire.


Warren Hill

Full M&E package for the development of three large domestic properties in Loughton, Essex.


Mandatory Air Conditioning Inspections

Required by Law from January 2011.


Ventilation & Heat Recovery Installation

Ventilation photo of ducting

There are many forms of ventilation from single domestic walls and windows fans to large commercial duty Air Handling Units (AHUís)

Supply & Extract Air Fans are designed to provide fresh air or removal of stale polluted air, to enhance the working environment and to meet with current Building Regulations. They cannot control temperature and are not an alternative to air conditioning.

Most ventilation designs are bespoke and are specified individually to each project and client requirement, in conjunction with current Building Regulations.

Most ventilation requirements are unique and are specified individually to the clients' needs, in conjuction with current building regulations.

There are many Building Regulations for different environments but the following recommended Air Changes per Hour would normally apply:-

6-10 A/C/H
Public Houses and Cinemas
10-12 A/C/H
Shops & Retail Outlets
8-12 A/C/H
4-6 A/C/H
10 Litres/Sec/Person

Heat Recovery Systems are the latest technology for most ventilation solutions as these provide tempered and humidity controlled filtered fresh air to mix with warm exhaust air to match indoor conditions, thus offering cost savings on heater batteries and allowing conventional heating reductions.

We offer free surveys to assess your requirements and can offer various solutions and costs within permitted budgets.

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